man leaning back in chair waiting for teeth cleaning and dental exams from teeth cleaning in Jersey Village TXYou may wonder if getting teeth cleaning regularly is actually necessary. Not only are teeth cleaning and dental exams painless, but it can help catch trouble early and keep your teeth in top shape year after year.

Regular Teeth Cleanings for Beautiful Smiles

Your Lovett Dental Jersey Village general dentist will determine this based on your current oral health. If you have an issue that your dentist needs to look at more closely, your dentist may recommend you come in for teeth cleaning and dental exams more frequently. One issue that may require closer attention and more frequent cleanings is periodontal disease. Periodontal disease could infect your teeth and jaw. If you have the disease, your dentist will closely monitor you and perform frequent cleanings to prevent severe oral infection. The standard recommended by the American Dental Association is every six months. However, you and your dentist will determine if you need to come more or less frequently.

What to Expect During Teeth Cleanings

A lot more happens during teeth cleaning than you might think. The dentist may take dental X-rays, which can detect decay, bone loss, and other diseases early. They will also check your lips, tongue, mouth tissue, and gums for sores, lumps, or other abnormalities that may be signs of early oral cancer. Your dentist will look for signs of gingivitis or periodontal disease. They will also use a mirror and pick to examine each surface of every tooth for signs of decay. It is important that your dentist examine any existing dental fillings, crowns, or other dental restorations. This is to check whether or not the dentist needs to replace or repair them.

When the teeth cleaning begins, your dentist will remove hardened tartar, or calculus, using special dental instruments. Bacteria causes soft, sticky plaque on your teeth. It can also cause cavities and gum inflammation. The Lovett Dental Jersey Village office will also provide tooth polishing to remove the plaque and polish away surface stains. Finally, the dental team will floss between your teeth to ensure your entire mouth is clean. Lovett Dental Jersey Village offers regular dental checkups as well as:

Good Oral Health Habits Start at Home

Maintaining your oral health at home is just as important as coming in for your scheduled visits. To keep your mouth in top shape between visits, it is important to brush your teeth twice a day. Brush your teeth in circular motions rather than back and forth. Don’t forget the chewing surfaces and insides of your teeth. Brush for two full minutes before rinsing. Flossing helps to get the debris that may be stuck in between teeth. Lastly, use mouthwash with fluoride to help remineralize the teeth. Mouthwash will also kill any remaining bacteria between teeth or on the mouth tissues.

What Happens if I Don’t Get My Teeth Cleaned Regularly?

The human mouth has a natural flora of bacteria. Most of these are helpful, like the bacteria on our skin. However, it is important to keep that bacteria in check, or else it can cause serious health problems all over your body. These bacteria secrete a sticky substance called plaque, which is acidic and can cause tooth decay when not brushed away regularly. The build-up of bacteria can cause even more serious issues.

People with gum disease caused by poor oral hygiene are twice as likely to have coronary artery disease. This is because of bacteria entering the bloodstream through the gums. The bacteria also attaches to plaque in the arteries, creating or worsening inflammation. Bacteria traveling through the blood can also pose a huge problem for unborn infants. Poor dental hygiene is associated with low birth weight and premature birth.

Get the Best Teeth Cleaning at Lovett Dental Jersey Village

Lovett Dental Jersey Village has a professional team of passionate dentists and hygienists who will help ensure your continued overall health with teeth cleaning. We even have a dedicated children’s dentistry team to ensure lifelong oral hygiene. If you are looking for teeth cleaning, please reach out to us at 281-890-5002. Contact Lovett Dental Jersey Village to smile with confidence.