There is no denying that tooth pain can become unbearable rather suddenly. This is especially true when the tooth has become seriously decayed or has broken off to the point where sensitive roots and nerve endings are exposed. Unfortunately, tooth removal may be the most viable option to resolve the problem when the damage has gotten to this point.

Ignoring tooth infections is not only painful, but it can be dangerous. Fluids from the infection ultimately travel through the blood and negatively impact vital organs such as the heart. If your dentist at Lovett Dental Jersey Village determines that saving the tooth isn’t possible, they will help you eliminate the infection and discuss options for teeth extractions.

Is Tooth Extraction the Best Choice for You?Doctor performs a tooth extraction on a female patient

After an initial visual examination of the mouth and a set of X-rays, the dentist will diagnose based on the results. Rest assured that recommendations for manual or surgical teeth extractions are not the dentist’s ideal choice. Our first goal is to save permanent teeth. Common situations where a tooth extraction might be advised include:

  • Accidentally damaged or severely broken teeth beyond capping and veneer repairs
  • The presence of serious decay that is compromising the integrity of the tooth
  • Signs of gum disease and damage to bone and ligament structure  in the gums or jaw
  • Impacted teeth
  • Teeth are overcrowded or laying atop one another.

If it is possible that a root canal and crown can save the tooth, the dental team will discuss these options with you. That being said, we understand that some patients are hesitant to invest in costly crowns and may opt for tooth removal to save money. To ease the burden of such a tough decision, we partner with the Splendid Dental Plan to help uninsured or underinsured get the dental care they need, not just what they can afford.

What to Expect During a Tooth Extraction

There are primarily two ways the dentist approaches teeth extractions: using a simple hand-held removal tool or with oral surgery procedures. In cases where the procedure doesn’t go as expected, both methods may be called upon.

Simple tooth extraction is possible when ample tooth is still extruding from the gum line. However, cutting into the gums and surgically removing the roots and tooth remains is necessary if little or no tooth still protrudes.

Anesthesia is administered, and patients are carefully monitored. Lovett Dental Jersey Village offers several types of general anesthesia in addition to sedation dentistry services to alleviate those with pre-surgery anxieties. Our goal is to help you be as comfortable as possible throughout your visit with us.

Teeth Restoration Options After Tooth Extraction

Certainly, restoring your smile to a natural appearance is possible after the removal site has fully healed. An endodontist or qualified dental specialist can create realistic-looking bridges, dentures, or partials to replace one or more missing teeth. Another option that is becoming more feasible and affordable is getting dental implants to replace extracted teeth. Because they are highly resilient and natural-looking, implants are a premier choice after teeth extractions.

Considering Tooth Extraction? Contact Lovett Dental Jersey Village

Sacrificing a permanent tooth and exploring recovery and restoration options on your own isn’t necessary. Our team members at Lovett Dental Jersey Village offer personalized attention to give every patient the very best dental care.

Make us your dentist of choice for your oral care needs ranging from routine exams to more complicated procedures like tooth removal, pediatric dentistry, and cosmetic dental procedures. Contact Lovett Dental Jersey Village online or call us at 281-890-5002 for more information or schedule an evaluation appointment.