At Lovett Dental Jersey Village, we have worked hard to expand the treatment services that we provide to our patients. We are proud we can meet the needs of our diverse patient population. Even though the background of everything that we do is always going to be preventative care, we understand there are situations where acute care needs might arise. For example, you might have heard that you need ridge augmentation. If you have heard this, you need to understand what this procedure is, why you need it, and what the recovery process is like.

The Most Common Causes of Ridge Augmentation dr. talks to young woman about her ridge augmentation

First, if you have been told that you need ridge augmentation services, you probably have an issue with your jaw and gum tissue’s natural contour. If you have many peaks and valleys in your jaw and gum tissue, this could make it hard for you to keep your mouth clean, increasing the risk of oral health disease.

Furthermore, medical studies have shown that one of the most common issues that could lead to ridge problems involves missing teeth. For example, if you have recently undergone a tooth extraction, then there is an empty socket in your mouth. Even though it is likely that this talking will heal on its own, it is also possible that it might collapse. This will lead to a hole in your gum tissue, making it more likely that you might develop oral health decay. Ridge augmentation can help prevent this from happening.

Common Questions Regarding Ridge Augmentation

We want to make sure that we answer all of our patients’ questions before this procedure starts. Some of the most common questions we hear include:

  • Will it hurt? – Patients might feel some discomfort after the procedure. That is why we use local anesthesia to make sure that we numb the area before the procedure taking place.
  • What do you use? – We will use either soft tissue or bony tissue when it comes to ridge and jaw augmentation. If you plan on having a dental implant put in to replace a missing tooth, then we may use more bony tissue to augment your jaw, increasing the support available for the implant.
  • How long does the procedure last? – In general, augmentation is a relatively short procedure. If we perform this procedure across a wider area in your mouth, then the procedure will take a little bit longer.

Please rest assured that our team at Lovett Dental Jersey Village will answer all of the questions you have regarding this procedure before it takes place.

The Recovery Process Following Ridge Augmentation

After the procedure is finished, we will walk with you during the recovery process. The recovery process can vary widely from patient to patient. In some cases, the procedure might only take a few weeks to heal completely. In other cases, some people might take several months to complete the recovery process. Our common recommendations include:

  • Try to stick to a diet of mostly soft foods and liquids following the procedure.
  • Be sure to avoid straws once the procedure is finished.
  • Avoid smoking, especially following this procedure.

We will also recommend regular follow-up visits so that we can track the recovery process.

Rely on the Team from Lovett Dental Jersey Village for Ridge Augmentation Services

If you are looking for experienced oral health professionals who can help you with ridge augmentation, look no further than Lovett Dental Jersey Village. Alongside this specialty dental service, we also offer comprehensive general dentistry, preventative care, and emergency services. No matter what your needs are, we can help. Make an appointment with our oral health professionals by calling 281-890-5002, or contact us online today.