Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is a condition in which a person applies force to the bottom and top teeth, creating a clenching and grinding action. Grinding of teeth like this can cause pain as well as damage to teeth. It can also cause things like a headache or jaw pain. Teeth grinding in sleep is common, though it can happen during the day as well. If you are experiencing this, contact Lovett Dental Jersey Village in Texas for help.

Why Does Teeth Grinding Happen?

man suffering from teeth grindingMost people do not engage in grinding of teeth because they want to. Most do not know they are doing it especially when it comes to teeth grinding in sleep. This condition is brought on by a range of potential other factors include:

  • Sleep disorders like sleep apnea
  • Pain from another source
  • Anxiety
  • Stress that’s unresolved
  • Frustration

Sometimes it is not clear why grinding of teeth happens. Yet, if you believe that you are engaging in it, it’s critical to get help through a specialty dentist.

What Are the Symptoms of Bruxism?

To know if you need help for teeth grinding, you have to be able to notice the most common symptoms of bruxism. They include:

  • Waking with a headache
  • Sore jaw muscles
  • Limited movement of the jaw that’s not otherwise explained
  • Wearing down of the teeth
  • Waking up numerous times at night
  • Catching yourself engaging in grinding of teeth

When you have teeth grinding habits, don’t ignore them. Often, it is not something you can easily stop on your own especially at night. Teeth grinding in sleep is something we can treat using a dental appliance, in most cases.

How Can Teeth Grinding in Sleep Be Improved?

One of the biggest and most common concerns with bruxism is engaging in teeth grinding at night. That’s because it is hard to stop. The first step is to determine the underlying cause of your condition. If it is from a sleep disorder, treating that disorder may help to alleviate the grinding. Sleep apnea, for example, is a condition in which the airway is blocked at night due to tissue placement. Your body wakes up slightly at night to adjust. Most people snore loudly and wake up tired.

One of the solutions we can offer is a dental appliance that is fitted for your mouth and placed into your mouth right before you go to bed at night. It helps to prevent the grinding in some people. In all cases, it can be used as a way to stop the grinding motion from damaging your teeth further.

Our team also recommends coming in for routine appointments in our Texas office so we can monitor your condition. Our goal is to make sure that this type of grinding motion does not cause any further damage to your teeth or the gums as a result.

If you have problems such as teeth grinding headache pain, it’s important to take steps to get help. Ignoring this type of problem does not allow it to go away. Teeth grinding solutions can give you the relief you need, though, so you can smile with confidence and without discomfort again.

Minimize Damage to Your Teeth – Call Lovett Dental Jersey Village Today

Teeth grinding, or bruxism, is not something to put off getting help for because of the damage it can cause. If you have a teeth grinding headache each day or you are engaging in grinding of teeth throughout the day, it’s time to get help. Our team can offer a range of solutions for you including options for teeth grinding in sleep. To get started, call Lovett Dental Jersey Village in Texas today to get an appointment. Call 281-890-5002.